Friday, April 04, 2008

More on Segel's Muppet Movie

Last month, Variety announced that Disney signed a deal with actor/writer Jason Segel and writer/director Nick Stoller to create the next Muppet movie. Segel will lead the script writing while Stoller is in line to direct the proposed film. While the project is very much in its infancy, the media has already jumped on the story. During promotion for his upcoming film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", Segel has commented on the upcoming Muppet project and has shed some light on what fans can expect.

Segel took a chance and pitched his concept for a Muppet movie to Disney Vice President Kristin Burr and, well, the rest is history. Segel's pitch was so well received by the executives that he was immediately offered a deal to develop the project. "I've just grown a little disappointed with Muppets in the Old West, Muppets Under Water and all these weird concept movies," the 28-year-old writer/actor said in an interview. "I just want to take it back to the early '80s, when it was about the Muppets trying to put on a show. That's what I'm trying to bring back."

Segal told MTV news in an interview that "I remember thinking that Kermit was the original Tom Hanks... he was the everyman for a kid... I remember watching Kermit and thinking 'That’s what I want to do when I grow up.'" Although it has been stated that the plot would focus on Kermit, Segal confirmed that Miss Piggy, Fozzie and Gonzo are also among the stars of his script.

Segal said, "every time I bring it up with somebody - Mila Kunis, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen - they say, 'Oh my god, you're writing me a part'...So I don't think there'll be trouble casting." Like the previous Muppet films, there are plans to feature a number of celebrity cameos for the film. "Everyone loves the Muppets; they’ve got a warm place in most people’s hearts," Segal told MTV. "We want a lot of cameos. You look back at Charles Grodin, Charles Durning, there were just such great performances in those movies."

Official details on the film's plot has not been released, although Segal has told reporters that "we've got a great plot. I think if we can execute it right, it will be terrific. But I can't tell you more – it's top secret." He has also gone on record stating that the new Muppet film will be "hilarious, fantastic, heart-wrenching, beautiful, nostalgic and remarkable."

The plot is rumored to feature the Muppets reuniting in order to put on a big show. After learning that the Muppets have drifted apart, audiences will follow Kermit as he works to bring the group back together to help save an old beloved theater. Apparently the theater is being threatened by an evil character looking to tear the theater down in order to get at a reserve of oil underneath. Segal has stated that "It's the Muppets needing to get back together to save the show... It's going to take place all over the world because, basically, the Muppets are no longer together. So that might take a while to film."

Segel says that "right now, we’re just focused on trying to turn in an amazing script," and he hopes to be able to head into production on this Muppet project as soon as he finishes filming "I Love You, Man" later this summer. I will be sure to keep you up to date as soon as more information on this exciting project becomes available.


giantfraggle said...

Is it jut me or does the rumored plot sound an awful lot like "It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas movie" from 2002?

OptionJoe said...

I thought the exact same thing

bardhol said...

"Muppet Christmas Movie"? Shoot. Doesn't anybody remember "The Muppets Take Manhattan"? Take the same damn plot, add in a healthy dose of "Ernest Goes to Camp" or "Prairie Home Companion", or really any movie where "evil conglomerate" X wants to take land that "has" to be saved by "good individuals" Y(1,2,3&c.) against all odds - and it sounds like you have yourself a winner. Nerts.

Anonymous said...

As far as future movie ideas go, I REALLY hope they return back to the concept that the Muppets live in a Muppet world with Human guests, NOT a Human world with Muppet guests. I always thought that the best Muppet movies/shows were the ones that let us relax completely in the Muppet fantasy. Although movies like 'Muppets Take Manhattan' had good stuff going for it, don't you think it was strange in a distracting way for everything to be human around them. And don't you think it would have been WAY cooler if the movie was set a Muppet World's New York with human guests? Think of the world created in 'Muppets Christmas Carol'!

Also, I really hope they keep the jokes and material appropriate for all ages, as that has been the point of the Muppets from the beginning, something that everyone can enjoy. While it can take more effort to do this well, it would be worth it. However, from their choice in people working on this movie, I suspect that they may try to make more Adult Muppet stuff, which is frankly, weird. Weird in a bad way, not a Gonzo way.

Anonymous said...

Poorly photoshopped fake photo.

alanna said...

I Hope this Disney Muppet Movie Has Main People Characters like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Josie Lopez, Kyle Massey, Jason Dolly & David Delusie & Mabye They Might Have Kevin Clash as one Of The Main Puppetteers Again But This Time as Elmo & Mabye In Disney Pictures. I Can't Wait For It .Plus I Want To C More Of Rowlf,Sweetums & His Big Mupet Monster Gang, Clifford, Dr.Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Bobo, Johnny Fiamma, Sal, Crazy Harry, Scooter, Lew Zealand, The Newsman & More
Steve Whitmire as Kermit, Rizzo, Beaker, The Newsman, Timmy Monster, Mr.Poddlepants, Bean Bunny, Floyd Pepper & Statler
Kevin Clash as Elmo & Clifford
Dave Goelz as Gonzo The Great, Baeuaguard, Zoot, Waldorf
Eric Jacobson as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal & Sam Egale
John Henson as Sweetums
Bill Barretta as Rowlf, Pepe the King Prawn, Doglion, Dr. Teeth, The Swedish Chef, Bobo The Bear, The Bossman & Janice
David Rudman
John Kennedy
Victor Yerrid
Drew Massey
Bruce Lanoil
Leslie Carrara
Matt Vogel
Jerry Nelson
Gordon Robertson
Julianne Buescher
Alice Dinnean Vernon
& Mabye Frank Oz as Grover P.s He Has'nt Seen His Froggy Friend For A While

juddsthoughts said...

I think it's important for the Muppet franchise to differentiate itself as what it used to be. However, I was watching The Christmas Carol, and laughed as they had fun with the live actors and the story. This might sound silly to most, but I like the Muppet's making their mark on modern cinema with the remakes of modern stories. It keeps us wavering fans coming back, and the writers have fun with movies that others take, far to often, too seriously. Resident Evil would be a fun, and challenging, remake. Do the original stories, Gonzo finds his family was great, but having fun with Treasure Island was fun too. Some hard core fans don't allow the franchise to bend a little in order to bring new fans is then the franchise fades, they make less of them, less fans, then it disappears.