Monday, March 17, 2008

Sam Plenty in "Explosion of Doom!"

The Jim Henson Company released the second installment of "The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing!" earlier today on

When we last left our hero, Queen Verbosa - ruler of all Underdoom - has ordered her Doom Riders to march invisibly to the Plenty Ranch. Using their concealment gyros, the Doom Riders have the ranch surrounded with any hope of escape being impossible! What will become of Sam and his friends? Tune in to part four of "Sam Plenty in Under Doom" to find out!

If you haven't checked out the wild world of Sam Plenty, be sure surf on over to and enjoy the exclusive webisodes, sing-along, puzzles, activites, interviews, bios and fun. The series, which launched last week, has already gained a lot of positive praise and attention from all around the web. I will be sure to keep you updated as more information develops on The Jim Henson Company's "The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing!".

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