Saturday, March 29, 2008

Play "Red Hot Skrumpy Drummer" at Yahoo! Kids

Last year, as you may remember, the Jim Henson Company launched new series of online videos starring The Skrumps. Throughout 2007 the company posted new videoson Yahoo! Kids featuring these unique characters, animated in real-time by puppeteers using the revolutionary Henson Digital Performance Studio. More than 20 videos have been posted on Yahoo! Kids starring Wishbone, Skrumpy and Raisins and now the first official Skrumps game has been added to the collection.

Yahoo! Kids has launched an brand-new interactive Skrumps game entitled "Red Hot Skrumpy Drummer". The new game allow players to help Skrumpy, Grumblebelly's little red drummer, create a rockin' hot sause while rockin' out on the drums. In addition to finding the game in the Skrumps' portion of Yahoo! Kids, you can access the new game via the Yahoo! Kids game section.

And aside from all the great videos and this new game, there are exclusive e-cards, desktop wallpapers and other Skrump goodies to enjoy. So surf on over to The Skrumps on Yahoo! Kids, play the new game and enjoy all the great Skrump content. I will be sure to keep you posted as more news surface on the future of the Skrumps and other developments reguarding the property.

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