Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"The Muppet Show: Season 3" DVD Preview

The Muppet Show - Season Three

24 episodes of "The Muppet Show" - The complete third season with digitally restored picture and sound!
"The Muppets On Puppets" - The original 1968 documentary hosted by Jim Henson and Rowlf the Dog.
"A Company of Players" - An all-new featurette looking at the puppeteers that brought the cast of "The Muppet Show" to life.
Original Muppet Commercials
...and much more!


Cstulz said...

Can't wait!

David said...

Do we know yet if these episodes will be uncut like Season 2 was?

Vaughn Michael said...

awwww that was great!!!!

Anonymous said...

It will be uncut because the press release says the complete third season.

BJ said...

That's really cute!

Didn't they have a similar thing for Season 2? I just plain don't remember if they did.