Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"3 Pigs and a Baby" on DVD Today!

"3 Pigs and a Baby", the first film in the Jim Henson Company's new Unstable Fables series, hits stores today! The direct-to-DVD film features an all-star cast including Brad Garrett, Jon Cryer, Steve Zahn, and Jesse McCartney.

"3 Pigs and a Baby" is brought to life with breathtakingly artistic computer animation. When three pigs become the target of a special-ops team of wolves and their plan to finally infiltrate the impenetrable house of bricks, the unassuming pigs soon find a tiny wolf cub on their doorstep and raise him as their own. The newest addition to their family, Lucky, grows up into his teens not knowing his history, his role in the wolves' plan or the difficult choice he will have to make about the family that raised him.

This film is hilarious, heartwarming, and shows that families can come in all shapes and sizes. Aside from the 76-minute feature, the DVD also comes loaded with exclusive bonus material including a behind the scenes look at the animation process, a sneak-peek at the voice recording sessions, and a candid conversation with the film's writers.

"3 Pigs and a Baby" provides quality entertainment for the entire family, so be sure to pick up your copy today!


Kevin said...

We watched this movie the other night with only adults in the room and there are laughs from beginning to end. It is great and I'm sure kids will love it too!

Vaughn Michael said...

I'm suprised the cg isn't as Hensons prior use of CG, While I didn't find anything funny in that clip, I'm sure kids will enjoy it.
I wish they would stick to puppets though, or release that Jim Henson dvd with all of his early work on it already.

frogboy4 said...

I couldn't find it at Virgin Megastore this week, but they still don't have the Smurfs series that was released a week ago. This is a notoriously slow perod for DVD sales. Anyway, I liked the Maxell gag with the chair and sunglasses in the clip. So far it doesn't look too Henson/Muppety, but it doesn't look un-Henson/Muppety either. The production design appears to be deliberate and attractive (rather than some studios that just buy the technology to make cheapy kid vids). I'm not so sure about the humor yet. Geared a little young for my taste. I am very glad Henson Co is diversifying their projects. That is important. I still don't know what to make of this project yet. It doesn't appear to be a major release.

frogboy4 said...

I saw it.

Well, everything is there in fine form - animation, characters, art design, concept, voice talent etc, but the writers fail the rest of the team. It simply doesn't have enough stamina to justify the running length and there aren't many gags. It's not a bad project. I'm sure kids will like it, but aside from a couple jokes and some truly great visuals, there's little in it for the over twelve set. The film plays best when muting it while listening to the stereo. Sharp writing doesn’t have mean or blue, but the artistic talent deserved a better screenplay. C