Monday, December 17, 2007

Elmo Gets Sirius

If you have Sirius Satellite Radio then you'll want to check out the "Kids Stuff" channel (channel 166) this holiday season for an exciting Muppet guest. Elmo, the loveable red monster from Sesame Street, has been invited to be a guest DJ for a special Christmas-themed program entitled "Elmo's Holiday Favorites".

Elmo will be playing his all-time favorite holiday songs while sharing exclusive sneak previews of the songs from "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" and spreading holiday cheer. The program is said to be full of classic Muppet, Sesame and seasonal fun for the entire family.

"Elmo's Holiday Favorites" will be broadcast on Sirius on December 21st at 9:00 am ET, however if you miss it, or want to catch it again, Sirius is set to rebroadcast it several time throughout the week (see below).

Sirius is currently offering three-day free trail of their programming online, so even if you don’t have Sirius you could still listen to Elmo's exclusive radio gig on their website.

"Elmo's Holiday Favorites"

  • Friday, December 21st @ 9 am ET
  • Friday, December 21st @ 3 pm ET
  • Saturday, December 22nd @ 12 pm ET
  • Saturday, December 22nd @ 6 pm ET
  • Sunday, December 23rd @ 10 am ET
  • Sunday, December 23rd @ 5 pm ET
  • Monday, December 24th @ 7 am ET
  • Monday, December 24th @ 2 pm ET
  • Tuesday, December 25th @ 6 am ET.
  • Tuesday, December 25th @ 11 am ET
  • Tuesday, December 25th @ 4 pm ET

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