Friday, November 30, 2007

Del's Vegas Comedy Binge

The Jim Henson Company’s Del Kastle, co-star of the 2006 Henson/TBS pilot "The Late Night Buffet", recently attended The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas to film exclusive webisodes for The hilarious series, entitled "Del's Vegas Comedy Binge", debuted on this week. The show includes exclusive five-day coverage of the Comedy Festival by the renowned Delbert Kestle (performed by Bill Barretta).

Del chats with Wayne Newton, Frank Caliendo, Bill Engvall, and others as he cruises around the Vegas strip and the events of The 2007 Comedy Festival. This production, a part of the Henson Alternative brand, is only available at So surf over and check out these exciting webisodes today!

Watch "Del's Vegas Comedy Binge" Now!


frogboy4 said...

Bill Barretta is friggin' talented! Thanks for posting this link. Binged on all five episodes at once. Now if they could bring some of this spontaneity and humor to Tinseltown, Henson Alternative will really have something interesting.

Vaughn Michael said...

Yeah this was great bring on Late Night Buffet already!