Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sesame Street Launches Official Video Podcast!

Sesame Workshop launched a brand-new video podcast today, appropriately titled "The Sesame Street Podcast". The weekly video podcast is now available via iTunes or Sesame Workshop’s website.

"The Sesame Street Podcast" is a series of free 5-minute episodes focusing on listening, reading comprehension, vocabulary building and problem solving. Each 5-minute video features content newly created and assembled for the podcast and are said to feature scenes from current and past Sesame Street seasons, as well as animation, live action films and other inserts.

In keeping with Sesame Street’s focus on literacy and vocabulary, the first batch of podcast episodes are set to feature new extended versions of the "What's the Word on the Street?" segments in which people and animals introduce and define the week’s "Word on the Street." The first episode is all about "squids".

The podcast exemplifies how Sesame Workshop continues to use the power of modern media as a way to enhance a child’s learning experience and bring education and entertainment to people around the world. You can watch the first episode of the podcast, and subscribe to get future episodes at the iTune store (for free) or via Sesame Workshop’s official podcast website. And be sure to check next week for another exciting installment of the official Sesame Street video podcast.

Visit The Sesame Street Podcast website

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Just got a new iPod, so cool!