Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Legends of the Dark Crystal" Details

As reported earlier, the first installment in the highly anticipated "Legends of the Dark Crystal" series will be released later this year. The graphic novel, entitled "Legends of the Dark Crystal #1: The Garthim Wars", is expected to hit store shelves on November 13, 2007.

The story takes place nearly 100 years before "The Dark Crystal", at a time when the gentle Gelflings and wise Mystics are still thriving - and so, unfortunately, are the evil Skekses.

The 192-page graphic novel is already available to pre-order from many online retailers, with a list price of $9.99. I also have the updated cover art for the release here (which differs from the original temporary artwork shown last year).

Details on the second and third volumes have not been released yet, however two more installments are planned to follow. I’ll keep you posted with details on the future of "Legends of the Dark Crystal" as information is released.

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