Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fraggle Rockin' CD Details

Last month I told you about "The Fraggle Rockin’ Collection", an upcoming CD set filled with the best music from Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock. Well, I got an exclusive scoop with all the details you're looking for. This 3-Disc collector’s edition set will contains all three original "Fraggle Rock" albums - wonderfully restored, remastered and packed into a single box set. The set includes more than 50 song from the series along with special liner notes featuring rarely seen photos, contributions from the original composers and even sheet music for select songs.

"The Fraggle Rockin’ Collection" will be released on October 30, 2007, but it's already available to pre-order online. Below is a copy of the complete track listing for the collection as provided to me by KOCH Records. You won't want to miss this collection (as there's no better way to dance your cares away).

Disc 1: Fraggle Rock
1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Follow Me
3. Convincing John
4. Doozer Knitting Song
5. Do It On My Own
6. Wemblin’ Fool
7. Why?
8. Lost and Found
9. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
10. Brave Boy, Jump Up
11. Muck and Goo
12. Friendship Song
13. Fraggle Rock Rock
14. Beetle Song
15. Easy is the Only Way to Go
16. Our Melody

Disc 2: Perfect Harmony
1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Go with the Flow
3. Perfect Harmony
4. Without a Hat
5. Music Box
6. Here to There
7. Sail Away
8. Workin’
9. Dum De Dum
10. Ragtime Queen
11. I Seen Troubles
12. Dreaming of Someone
13. Pantry Chant
14. Helping Hand
15. Time to Live as One
16. Closing Theme

Disc 3: Music & Magic
1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Squeetily Boink
3. Let Me Be Your Song
4. Wemblin’ Fool
5. Yes, We Can
6. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
7. There’s a Lot I Want to Know
8. Follow Me
9. Friends Till the End
10. Is It True?
11. The Rock Goes On
12. Pass It On
13. Just Don’t Know What Time It Is
14. Convincing John
15. Get Goin’
16. Doozer Knitting Song
17. The Way I’ve Got To Go
18. Only Way Home
19. Stuff Samba
20. Sweet, Sweet Little Treat
21. Closing Theme


Anonymous said...

Whooo! Wow!

This is awesome, I can't wait to get this collection and enjoy the great music of Fraggle Rock. Maybe if this sells really well they'll release more Fraggle collections.

I'm pre-ordering my copy right now!

Ryan said...

hmmm. ok did anyone else catch this? some of the songs on disc 3...the titles are continued on the next pukka pukka pukka squeetily boink...listed as 2 tracks? lol. and why are they just re-releasing the cds? kinda disappointing?

Anonymous said...

Ryan -

They aren't just re-release the CDs - only one was ever a CD before, the other two albums have never been released on CD. Plus the tracks will be all remastered and cleaned up so they will be much better than the past releases from the 1980s. There is more than 50 songs on here; what more would you want for a single release? --- maybe if this sells well they will release more collections with other songs, but for the first major re-release of Faggle music in over a decade this is awesome. It is the best single collection and release of Fraggle Music ever!

I think the track listing error you're having might just be a word-wrap problem with your browser and the ordered list, 'cause it looks fine to me.

Ryan said...

it seems to be better now. but it definitely did not look that way the first two times i viewed it. i did not imagine it.

Karen said...

This is amazing! I can't wait to get the set and be able to listen to all three albums! And liner notes and pictures and sheet music too! This will be a great collection!

I love how you are able to get these great scoops for all us fraggle fans. Keep it comin'!

Geoff Clark said...

Wow! I've been waiting for these details. You're my hero for getting this information; thanks Greg. I too am going to preorder my copy right now.

Scotty J. said...

I'm looking forward to the release but I have to admit I'm a little disappointed that Kock is repackaging existing albums (with tracks repeated on disc 3). I was anticipating a brand new compilation with songs that have seen release in any form.

Still, I'm glad that these songs, which have been long out of print, will see the light of day again. Even though I own the two original albums it's still a must for me.

Thanks Greg!

Scotty J. said...

That would be "songs that haven't been released in any form." Sorry.

Hannah said...

This is great! I'm preordering right now.

This is great! You always get the best scoops.

Anonymous said...

Great news, although it is a bit disappointing there aren't any new tracks.

And where is "Dum of a Son of a Gun?"

Squigiman said...

I'm thinking that song, which I remember so fondly, growing up may be the one they titled "Dum De Dum", though I could be wrong. I am a little missed at the seeming repetition, with 3 discs, and space that could have been used for others from the massive array of Fraggle songs.

Is it required to remind the listener that it's a Fraggle CD each time you pop one in by playing the theme? Maybe they're different versions, which would be cool, as I remember hearing a studio test kinda thing, once, and I think there's one where everyone from all groups sings it in the last episode, but then that should be the last track of the final disc.

Still, what's with the Doozer Knitting Song being repeated? Are there more than one versions of that? Either way, cool to get Fraggle music put out there in such a compilation, and hopefully those outside us core Muppet fans, with a sense of nostalgia from loving it as kids, will pick it up, boosting sales, and bringing more Fraggley goodness to the world.

Brad said...

I love that they are preserving the original albums – even if it means having some “repeats” throughout the 3 discs. I mean if they were to re-release “Perfect Harmony” or “Music and Magic” but cut songs or shifted around the tracks people would be ticked off. I think it is great that they are keeping the flow, order and composition of each album intact.

People were outraged when HIT released the original episodes on DVD but edited the opening and closing themes so they were only on the set once - rather than in each episode as they originally were placed. Now that they are re-releasing the original albums people want them to edit the content so the same thing won’t appear twice. Go figure? This is great preservation of the three classic albums – in their original format.

Maybe if this set sells really well they will release a new Fraggle album with new songs down the road – but this is instead a packaging of three independent, and classic, Fraggle albums.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!! I am so excited that they are releasing some of the albums, even though they are repeating some of the songs throughout the collection. I have an old album on record that still sounds great!

BigBirdFan said...


The First Disc is a Reissue of the Columbia CD release. Because on the Muppet Music version they had a song called "Dummy Of A Son" or something like that performed by The Gorgs which is not listed here.