Monday, August 13, 2007

A Muppet Replica Update

Last year fans rejoiced when Master Replicas Inc., an industry leader in movie and television prop replicas, released a top-quality Kermit the Frog "photo puppet". Fans celebrated again when the news surfaced that Master Replicas is planning to continue their line of Muppet replicas with an Animal "photo puppet"- set for release later this fall.

Master Replicas is planning to continue their Muppet line even further and has announced the next two "photo puppets" in their collection – the Great Gonzo and Fozzie Bear. Master Replicas will start taking pre-orders for Gonzo on September 19, 2007 –the replica is set to ship sometime this winter and will be sell for $199. Fozzie will go up for pre-ordering in the spring for the price of $399. However, this is preliminary information so it is subject to change. All four of Master Replicas' Muppets were on display at last months Comic-Con in San Diego – and we've got pictures. Kermit, Animal, Gonzo and Fozzie were all there for fans to view (however the designs of the Gonzo and Fozzie replicas on display are not the final versions and are subject to changes).

Master Replicas is reportedly working on a more replicas as well. A replica of Rizzo the Rat is said to be high on their list, as is a Miss Piggy "photo puppet". The company is also considering the possibility of producing accessory packs for each of the "photo puppets" they have. These packs would include little props, costumes or other ad-ons to accessorize your Muppets. I will keep you posted on these releases as more information surfaces. But while you wait for more news, be sure to pre-order an Animal and/or buy a Kermit "photo puppet" (if you haven't already).

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Anonymous said...

hi. im extremely exicted about the release of fozzie bear but i cant seem to find anywhere to pre-order him. everywhere i can find is some kind of french website. so if anyone can tell me where i can find a place to pre-order fozzie bear for U.S dollars that would be great.

Thank You