Wednesday, August 22, 2007

America's Got Muppets... Again!

For all of you who missed last night's appearance by the Muppets on NBC's America’s Got Talent, or for all of you who want to see it again – NBC will be re-airing the episode on Saturday.

The two-hour season finale will re-air on Saturday (August 25, 2007) at 8/7c on NBC (check local listings for details). The Muppets appear in the first hour of the show (just a little after the 20-minute mark). Contest finalist (and eventual season winner) Terry Fator (a ventriloquist/impressionist/singer) performed the classic James Taylor song "You've Got a Friend" with Kermit the Frog. Kermit even brought some of his own back-up singers - a quartet of Muppet chickens that clucked along. Afterwards the act was judged by the panel of judges; Animal, Beaker and the Swedish Chef parodied the regular judges by taking the judges’ seats to give their opinions of the act. Fator was also surprised with a special “good luck” video from the one and only Miss Piggy. The whole Muppet-filled appearance lasted just over 10-minutes and was a real highlight of the evening.

So be sure to set the VCR, or mark your calendars so you don’t miss it (again). It was nothing short of good old fashion Muppet fun. And congratulations to Terry (and all his puppet friends) on winning season 2 of America’s Got Talent!


C. Stulz said...

I watched it last night. If you missed it the first time around, be sure not to miss it Saturday.

Anyone else think that Animal puppet was an fan made parody puppet before they panned over and reveled Beaker and Swedish Chef?

Way too many feathers on him. Everything else was spot on and should have been proof positive that The Muppets can still work on TV today.

Anonymous said...

Animal was a parody of Americas Got Talent judge, David Hasselhoff.

Steve said...

I loved the whole thing! And of course you'll hear highlights on this week's show.

Anonymous said...

I watched it and it was a horrible appearance. The Muppets weren't funny at all! You compare that appearance to any one of the Muppet appearances from The Ed Sullivan Show or any appearance the Muppets made on shows back in the 70s (Kermit hosting the Tonight Show, The Muppets at the Oscars) and it really fell short. The set design was especially hideous.

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but it just wasn't up to the standards of the old stuff. Not even close.

VaughnMichael said...

I thought it was wonderfull personally besides the uh hu's and yeaaah of steves kermit the entire thing was great in my book.
And I don't know what show the other person was wtching but the swedish chef made my entire family and myself crack up.
And I happen to think that set was really nice we haven't seen anything that nice in years we're lucky we got that much I haven't even seen then do that much for othe recent muppet apearances.
Animal looked a bit hairy but I think it's because he was spoofing hasslehof and beaker was adorable!
I really enjoyed this and I hope that Terry winning shows Disney that people love this kind of stuff!
-Vaughn Michael / TheJimHensonHour

C. Stulz said...

Could someone clarify how "shaggy" Animal is supposed to be a parody of Hasslehof.

Beaker had an wig to be S.Osborne, S.W. didn't do anything different to be Pierre, and I realize Animal was in the Hoff's place and wearing a leather type jacket but how does he being shaggy translate into a parody?

VaughnMichael said...

The Hoffy is hairy it's one of the things the man is or was known for thats why women of mothers age swoon for men like that.
And Swedish Chef didn't have much of a change but he infact did he has a british flag bow tye on :)

Anonymous said...

The Swedish Chef was also wearing a wedding band.