Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tinseltown Headed to LOGO

Back in November I reported that the Jim Henson Company was developing a series titled "Tinseltown". The show is about a bull named Samson Knight and a pig named Bobby Vegan, a mismatched gay couple living in Hollywood. Henson has just revealed some more information on the development of this project at this week’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego, along with giving attendees a sneak peak at the series.

"Tinseltown" is currently being developed by the company for the LOGO network. A sample of this adult puppet show was shown at Comic-Con and was a big hit with the audience. Brian Henson did admit one reason he wanted to do a show about a male couple was mainly because he can’t do female voices. The comical, character-driven TV series is sure to garner a lot of attention and attract a lot of fans, and you can be sure that I’ll keep you posted with more information on this project, and other Henson Company dealings, when more information surfaces.


Doodles said...

This is SO wrong. Henson must be turning in his grave.

MrFreedomFries said...

what is so wrong about it? it isn't any worse than Gonzo and those chickens.

ChaCha said...

Why is this "wrong"? I think the premise is hilarious! Hopefully it's not homophobia that's bugging you. Because Jim Henson himself was always a promoter of open-mindness.

Anonymous said...

And many muppets from the start have cross-dressed from Kermit-Gonzo, etc.
Jim Henson has supported many things in his day and he did not shy away from working with people of the gay persuasion.
People should be ashamed of themselves for being so judgmental of how others live their lives.
Stop pointing finger and start holding hands.
-Vaughn Michael/ thejimhensonhour

Jamie said...

I'm reserving judgement. As a gay man I'm happy to laugh at things that make fun of gay people, just the same as an Irish guy who tells Irish Jokes etc, etc.
The human condition is genuinely funny doesn't matter who you vote for, sleep with or worship.
I'm a bit concerned to see where they go with this, but until we know more we shouldn't rush to judge. The Henson company are more likely than not going to be concerned about protecting their brand name.
Lets just hold fire and see what happens

Anonymous said...

personaly im against it.
not because of the gay-ness, but because i think that the muppets should stay a family role, not become an adult oriented idea. but he can do what he wants, my family doesnt have to watch it.