Thursday, April 12, 2007

Muppet Fan Launches Muppet Podcast

Do you like the Muppets? Do you like podcasts? Have you ever wondered why there are thousands of podcasts on the web covering every topic under the sun yet no one has made a Muppet podcast? Well, thanks to Steve Swanson you don't have to wonder anymore, because Muppet fans now have a podcast to call their own. Muppet fan Steve Swanson has just started a wonderful Muppet podcast – appropriately titled The MuppetCast.

The MuppetCast is an audio podcast; and like most podcasts, you can subscribe and/or download the episodes to your computer or portable listening device for your listening enjoyment. The MuppetCast is the first podcast on the web completely dedicated to the Muppets, and I have to say it is wonderful!

The first episode, which is over 23-minutes of Muppet fandom, includes an introduction to the cast (and an explanation on why it was started); clips from, and a review of, the 1990 television special The Muppets at Walt Disney World; a look at the new Muppet Mobile Lab at Disney's California Adventure; commentary on, and from, Muppet fandom and much more.

This project is a wonderful testament to what happens when a fan focus his or her creativity, talents and love for the Muppets. I'm sure Steve's podcast will grow and build a strong audience and community of listeners (I already can't wait to listen to the next installment!) So be sure to check it out, take a listen, bookmark the site, subscribe, and keep an eye (and an ear) out for new episodes.

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