Monday, April 30, 2007

Jim Hill Looks Back on 3 Years of "The Muppet Holding Company, LLC"

Disney fan and blogger Jim Hill has published an interesting article on his site that walks readers through the three-year business history of Disney's Muppet Holding Company. Jim looks into the past work done bt a trio of Vice Presidents attempting to relaunch the Muppets, and Jim casts hope towards future with the current Muppet leader, Lylle Breier.

Jim Hill leads readers through "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz", Kermit's world tour, Kermit's Ford endorsements, "America's Next Muppet", the French "Muppets TV" show, the 2007 mocumentary pilot, Muppet Mobile Labs, and also mentions the possibility of a series of brand-new Muppet-related short films, videos and other interstitials for the Disney Channel.

The article is an interesting read for Muppet and Disney fans, so if you have some time you might want to check it out (here). Also, if you're interested, Hill also published a beaming review of Kermit's book "Before you Leap" last week (here).

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