Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Puppet Up! Online

As reported back in November, TBS has been planning to bring the improv puppetry and comedy of the Jim Henson Company's "Puppet Up!" to the world-wide-web with exclusive web-episodes. For months fans have been waiting for the March debut of these videos. Well, the wait is over! The first batch of "Puppet Up!" videos have hit the web via the Laugh Lab video service on

There are two fresh "Puppet Up!" sketches on the site now – one featuring a trio of perverted aliens meeting a pretty girl and another showcasing a French speaking koala that robs a sperm bank. And as if those clips aren't enough for you, TBS plans to post new sketches every Wednesday! More than 30 sketches are said to eventually be part of the series available on in the coming weeks. You can visit the official show page to access to the latest videos, show information and more (click here).

I'll keep you posted as more information this web-series and "Puppet Up!" performances surface. Also, we'd all like to give our love and support to the Henson troupe as they prepare for their big set of Australian shows later this month.

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