Friday, March 23, 2007

Indonesia Launches Jalan Sesama

Sesame Workshop's "Sesame Street Indonesia" arm has revealed their plans for a localized co-production entitled Jalan Sesama.

The name, which means "street for all", was inspired by the concept of togetherness and diversity. The program, which will start filming in May 2007, will introduce Indonesian viewers to a new cast of Muppets – including Momon, Putri, Tantan and Jabrik.

Momon is a five-year-old boy who learns to draw letters and loves drawing and counting while Putri is an active young girl who is always asking Momon for help. Tantan is a female orangutan that settles many dispute and Jabrik is a baby rhino that is always complaining and laughing.

Muppeteer Marty Robinson trained the 12 Indonesian Muppeteers earlier this month in preparation for launching the new Sesame show. With an initial fund of US$1.5 million from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Jalan Sesama will debut later this year and it already contracted to run until 2010.

The program will help children learn basic cognitive skills such as literacy and mathematics while representing the vibrant diversity of Indonesia and its culture. Several scripts have already been approved by the Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Workshop has a proud history of serving the needs of children all over the world. It should be noted that this is different from the previous Boneka Sesame, which is simply American Sesame Street episodes dubbed into Indonesian. I'll keep you posted as more information and news on this, and other, international co-productions of the Sesame universe surface.

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ireneprabowo said...

Jalan Sesama means a lot to me since I'm always be a sesame street fan. I have enjoyed Sesame street aince I was 11 years old until now I'm 32 with a daughter (1.5 years old)who really loves watching the show with her own mother language and cultural background (she loves watching sesame street as well, but of course she understand Jalan Sesama Better. The local character I love most is Tantan, the orangutan,for me she is "so sesame". Thank you so much for bringing the joy to our home, very home.