Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Free Sesame Videos on iTunes!

Over the years Sesame Workshop has produced an extensive library of non-commercial, educational resource videos staring the Muppets and cast of Sesame Street. These videos are intended to educate both children and adults on key issues while remaining entertaining and enjoyable.

From health and safety concerns to dealing with emotions and new situations, these video engage and educate children and adults alike with the Muppets and lively music. For years these videos have only been available on VHS through a number of outlets, such as educational resource centers or via the Sesame Workshop website. But now, thanks to a partnership with iTunes, anyone with access to the web can enjoy these videos for free!

The iTunes Store is now offering a new series of videos entitled Learn Along With Sesame. Each episode is a quick and easy free download of a full-length eductional resource video. The series currently includes six episodes ("Happy, Healthy, Ready For School", "Music Works Wonders", "You Can Ask", "Lead Away", "Talk, Listen, Connect", and "A is for Asthma") and the collection is expected to grow as time goes on.

These six episodes total more than two-and-a-half hours of educational entertainment with the ever-lovable Sesame gang, and they are 100% free! So what are you waiting for? You can access the Learn Along With Sesame series by browsing the "kids" section of the iTunes "TV show" section, or by clicking here.

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