Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sesame Considers "Elmo's World" Film Concept

"Elmo's World" was first introduced to "Sesame Street" audiences on November 16, 1998 and has since become one of the show's most successful and popular segments -- spawning more than 60 episodes, over 20 DVD releases, dozens of books and even a collection of video games. Well rumors and rumblings have now revealed that Sesame Workshop is considering "Elmo's World: The Movie".

Kevin Clash (as Elmo) hinted at the idea of an Elmo's World film in a TV Guide interview back in July by simply stating that "there may be an Elmo's World movie". Since then I've talked with some other sources that have affirmed that such a project is in the very early stages of conception and preliminary development. The film concept is said to take viewers on an exciting journey through the imagination of Elmo and his crayon-drawn world by blending Muppet characters with a beautiful "crayon-drawn" CG-world (I've been told to think of it as "ChalkZone" or"Harold and the Purple Crayon" meets "Sesame Street"). Elmo (and his friends) travel through magical lands and imaginary planets (where many of the animals and creatures look somewhat like Elmo) in a fun-filled and imaginative adventure.

Nothing is set in stone. Right now it is just a concept that Sesame Workshop is considering. Sesame Workshop has not officially committed to produce such a film yet, however there is a possibility that the idea will get green-lit and we could see this film enter production in the coming year. There is also the possibility that the project gets "down-graded" to a television special or direct-to-DVD release; and there is a chance that this becomes just another film idea that we never see come to fruition. We will just have to wait and see what happens. Sesame Workshop is just considering the idea…but there is a possibility (I've been told it is "a good possibility") that we'll see Elmo, Dorothy and the gang in "Elmo's World: The Movie" sometime down the road. I'll update you as soon as I hear anything more solid or reaffirming on the subject - so until then let the anticipation, speculation and debating begin!

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Nick Moreau said...

Did your sources clarify whether the "friends" he'd travel with were to be Elmo's World characters like Drawer and Shade, or actual Muppets like Zoe, Baby Bear, and Telly?