Monday, December 11, 2006

Watch Kermit on "The Early Show"

Did you miss Kermit's guest appearance on CBS' "The Early Show"? Well fret not my Muppet-lovin' friend, because CBS News has the whole interview with everyone's favorite amphibian on their website. You can watch the whole thing right here!

Kermit discussed who Jim Henson was, comments on his relationship with Piggy (dispelling the rumor that they were married), talks about his new book (and what prompted him to write it) and so much more. They even mention that there are blogs out there about Kermit and Piggy (who knew?).

Kermit concluded the interview saying "My philosophy goes back to what my good friend Jim. He said he wanted to leave the world a little better place than it was before he got here for him having been here, and I think he did that." And, well, I think he did too.

You can watch the full video interview on "The Early Show" website by clicking here or read a full summary of the event here.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* What I really want for Christmas is Muppets Season 2, but I think Santa lost it. :(

Anonymous said...

Cool bLOG - I love Kermit, just did a fun series of photos of him for my deviantart gallery - this one seems to be the most popular: - it SCREAMS for attention! :)