Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two Jareths and a Hoggle from NECA

Last month I shared the news that NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) plans to release a Jareth the Goblin King (from the film Labyrinth) action figure under their "Cult Classics Presents" banner. Since that report NECA has shared some more information on their Labyrinth plans.

They plan on releasing two Jareth figures. The first figure features Jareth in his blue outfit from when he first appears in the film. This first figure is slated for release in March 2007. A second Jareth will ship later in 2007, and will come packaged with a special Hoggle figure pack-in. That right folks, a Hoggle action figure!

There are currently no plans for NECA to extend their Labyrinth coverage past the announced releases at this time, and no other Labyrinth figures are planned. I will keep you posted as soon as more information (and pictures) are released.

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