Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Return to Labyrinth #2

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The Jim Henson Company and TOKYOPOP released the first installment in their "Return to Labyrinth" series graphic novels back in August. The series takes place thirteen years after the events of the original film. Toby, who was just an infant when his sister Sarah wished him away to the Labyrinth, is now a teenager. However trouble starts when Jareth the Goblin King sends his minions to capture Toby and return him to the Labyrinth to take his place as the heir to the Goblin Kingdom. Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus and other characters appear; and several new characters are introduced as well.

The 192-page graphic novel, written by Jake Forbes with art by Chris Lie, will be followed by the part 2 - currently set for release on April 10, 2007. The second volume, also by Forbes and Lie, will continue the saga of "Return to Labyrinth" set in motion in the first graphic novel.

Details on the third chapter have not been announced yet, however it is currently planned for release in 2007 as well. The part 2 is already available for pre-ordering on many sites, retailing for under $10 – and the first part is in stores now!

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Anonymous said...

Pros and Cons for Varying Fans:

Return to labyrinth had such potential. I read the first volume.(and my heart died) I think if it were it's own thing it'd be good. However, with Labyrinth as it's predecessor, it falls very short. I'd asked a lot of WHAT and WHYS when I read this. Tons of fans will be disappointed with this
(** Too much to just put off and say "some will be disappointed, but it happens."), however, many newcomers and some old fans may be fond of the story.

I believe it had potential, but as it warped the original essence of the movie too much, It is too hard for me to say I like it.
((Personally, I think it makes the Goblin King seem too powerless and different as compared to the movie.))

On the flip note, as stated, a lot of people don't mind or are fond of the change in essence, and like the “sequel”. ((If such things don't boggle you, it may be interesting reading.))

In short, if you are diehard about the world, plot, characters, and character relations from the movie, steer clear from this!!

If you are open to changing of the feel of the magic from the movie, it still has a bit, enjoy your "sequel". (Note: I said feel of the magic, not removal.)

I do like, however, that the art isn't bad. In my opinion: I'm happy it wasn't overkilled.

Also my opinion: I don't think I mind that it was about Toby, I mind that it just wasn't Labyrinth material. Where's the OOO and AAAh magic stuff?

ps: The movie will always rock, and did not need a sequel. But I will not get into that here. Happy reviews.
I'll stop here, or I could make a book of it.

As noted above:
**((To Sequel Creators: Stop making excuses for yourselves and just accept that y’all could have done MUCH better and could have pleased more people. It doesn't mean that you did a bad job, just don't hang around in denial. You could have done better.))