Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More on "Sesame Beginnings"...

Sesame Workshop releases some more information on the upcoming "Sesame Beginnings" show. Sesame Workshop has just formally announced the first two DVD titles, "Beginning Together" and "Make Music Together", and has released even more information on the show on their website. The two DVDs feature fun stories, songs, and activities to teach and entertain infants (and their caregivers). The show is set to feature baby Elmo (and his Dad), baby Big Bird (and his Aunt), baby Cookie Monster (and his Grandma), and baby Prairie Dawn (and her Mom); each episode also showcases a segment featuring a celebrity guest and their child.

"Sesame Beginnings" provide parents and caregivers with fresh material, ideas, songs, and games while fostering interaction, education, and fun with their child throughout the day. The DVDs are also accompanied with a printed parents guide that offers additional tips for ways to extend the learning after viewing through activities such as feeding, bath time and playtime."Our own research showed that Sesame Street videos were among those frequently viewed by the under two set, in spite of the fact that the content and curriculum of Sesame Street is designed for ages 2-5," noted Sherrie Westin, Executive Vice President, Sesame Workshop. "With the Sesame Beginnings DVDs, we're providing parents and caregivers of children under two with content specifically designed to use media as a tool to further adult/child interaction.

The first DVD, "Beginning Together", lets parents and their baby meet the Sesame babies for the very first time! Share a "Wiggle and Giggle" with Elmo and his Dad during Elmo's bath time, watch Big Bird and his Aunt discover "Who's that Baby in the Mirror", and so much more. “Beginning Together” is filled with delightful, easy-to-sing songs and games that babies will love, and that you can sing and enjoy during everyday activities. Aside from the “Sesame Beginnings” cast, the DVD also features a special appearance by Brandy and her daughter, Sy'rai.

In the second DVD, titled "Make Music Together", viewers can explore language, rhythm, and sound with their favorite Sesame Street babies. Be there when Elmo's daddy swings and sings with baby Elmo to "Swing Baby Swing!". Shake along as baby Prairie Dawn and her mommy make music and sing to "Shake Baby Shake!" “Make Music Together” is filled with delightful, easy-to-sing songs, and great ways to share the joy of music and dance with your baby throughout the day. This DVD features a special appearance by Wayne Brady and his daughter, Maile.

The DVDs, "Beginning Together" and "Make Music Together" will be in stores on March 21, 2006. They will join the wide-ranging product line of “Sesame Beginnings” products includes apparel, books, and more. More “Sesame Beginnings” products and videos are in the works, and I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available. If you want even more information on “Sesame Beginnings”, to view pictures from the show, order products, or download the wonderful video trailer, take some time and surf on over to the new “Sesame Beginnings” website.


Hadley said...

Awww..This looks like the cutest show ever! I just want to reach out and hug 'em. They are so adorable. :)

Andrew Leal said...

I've always had mixed views on juvenilization of characters, but this does look cute. I am a bit bothered by big bird, though. I'm not sure, given that he's officially six years old as is, if he should be quite as tiny as he looks on the box. Moreover, why does it focus on him and his aunt? In the old stories and even occasionally on the show, his primary caregiver always seemed to be Granny Bird. Why not bring her back, or have the current creative folks forgotten?

Still, a chance to see Grover's Mommy again is not to be overlooked.

Andrew said...

And looking at the list again, I see Grover and Mommy are conspicuously absent so far. Bad show, Sesame Workshop! Hope they correct the oversight later.