Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kevin Clash Writing Autobiography

Kevin Clash, the Muppeteer behind Elmo (and others), just recently signed a major deal with Broadway Books to write an inspirational book for adults that is set for release in "fall 2006". The book, titled What Elmo Taught Me, will draw upon the Baltimore native’s unique experience as a parent, master puppeteer, and performer whose work has enchanted millions in America and around the world.

“Playing a three-year-old day in and day out has given me a unique perspective on adulthood,” Kevin said. “I get to stay in touch with what’s important but what we as adults take for granted. I always feel revitalized when channeling Elmo because he preaches the basics—and having the basics in the front of your mind on a daily basis keeps you focused on what’s important. It’s improved my relationships, my career, and my outlook on the future. Perhaps by sharing some of the things I’ve learned I can help adults in the same way.”

The forty-something year old puppeteer will also share the remarkable and inspiring story of his road to success, the emotional and philosophical ideals he has learned from his creation, and how these can nurture values such as love, joy, creativity, diversity, cooperation, friendship, and optimism.

Sesame Street fans may remember that Caroll Spinney (performer behind Big Bird and Oscar) wrote a similar styled inspirational-autobiography of his own back in 2003, titled The Wisdom of Big Bird (and the Dark Genius of Oscar the Grouch) -- if you haven’t read it, I suggest picking up a copy. I’ll keep you posted as the release details on Kevin’s autobiography, What Elmo Taught Me, are released. This book is sure to be a great look at the life of one a Sesame Street’s (and the Muppets) key players. – look for it later next year. I’ll keep you posted.


Kyle said...

That's the best news I've heard all week. Kevin is such a cool guy (I meet him for about 30-seconds a while back at a Henson event). I loved Caroll's book, and I am sure Kevin's will be great too. I wish more Muppeteers wrote a book on their lives.

Wes B. said...

Now Jerry Nelson, Fran Brill,and Steve Whitmire need to write a book I'll collect them all, Sweet