Thursday, November 10, 2005

Introducing The Muppet Newsflash Forum!

Ever since I started The Muppet Newsflash people have been asking "when are you going to start a forum?", “why don’t you add a forum?”. For the past 9-months I’ve been hesitant to add one, as I felt there were already several strong fan forums on the web, and adding yet another would just detract, divide, and add unnecessary competition and separation in the communities. But I’ve always been thinking about it – this idea always in the back of my mind. Over the weekend I asked for feedback on the Muppet Newsflash from the people who matter most – the readers. And once again, many people suggested a forum (in a survey of the blog readers that ran from Friday through Tuesday; almost 60% said they were interested in a forum, and 25% were “undecided” at the time). I also got a bunch of e-mails with feedback - several of which had some persuasive “essays” on why I should add a forum.

I thought it over and felt was the right time to give the whole thing a whirl. So here it is - The Muppet Newsflash forum! Don’t worry, this will not effect the output of the blog news reporting; I will still be maintaining and updating the main news blog just as much as before. I’ve noticed that the comments section on news posts have been picking up more and more recently, and I feel that a place to discuss the issues would be useful (but still feel free to use the comments feature on any of the news posts).

The Muppet Newsflash forum is hosted by Delphi Forums, and is ready for posting. If you are a member of another fan community, feel free to remain active there (I actually encourage that). I’m not asking for (nor expecting) you to just abandon other sites (and other friends) nor do I want you to feel obligated to give total loyalty and dedication to this forum (but, hey, if you want to, that’s fine too). I’ll still stay just as active around the web too. This is a place to bring together fans, unite the community, and have discussions about the Muppets (and Jim Henson, and whatnot). It is a place to have discussions, share information and ideas, have good time, and just have fun. (Plus this might help elevate the amount of “can you help me out with this Muppet trivia question?” e-mails that I get each day). So check it out, start posting, and have fun!

- Enter the Forum -

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Anonymous said...

Well, congrats on the new forum.

Unfortunately, i can't access Delphi because of technical problems with my system (which is why i don't participate in Tough Pigs forum anymore) any comments i could make about Newsflash would be please don't disable our comments here.