Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Statler and Waldorf on ESPN

Statler & Waldorf have another gig, this time the two curmudgeons are introducing introduce ESPN Classic’s weekly sports-themed movie series, "Reel Classics Extra". The two started the gig on two weeks ago on Sunday, August 28th (at 8 p.m. EST on ESP) and will continue to host the weekly movie from now on. From the movie's theme to the starring casts, nothing is safe from the grumpy pair’s signature no-holds-barred heckling, including a few hilarious jabs at each other along the way.

Reel Classics Extra is ESPN Classic’s weekly Sunday movie series that gives viewers a chance to watch classic sports-themed movies, while also learning interesting, entertaining and humorous facts about the movies, the stars and more through on-screen pop-ups with tidbits and little-known details.

“This is a perfect opportunity for Statler & Waldorf to once again show off their talents,” said David Spingarn, Director of Creative Business Development for The Muppets Holding Company. “We are thrilled to extend the Muppets brand and characters on a recurring basis to a great ESPN platform.”Added Jodi Markley, senior vice president of international production, ESPN Classic and ESPNEWS, “Reel Classics Extra is a chance each Sunday for sports fans to relax, unwind and wrap up their weekend with a great sports movie. Statler & Waldorf are a perfect fit to introduce these movies because, like the movies, they are classics in their own right. They are going to bring our fans some good laughs and kick off these movies in a great way.”

In addition, the twosome are up to their usual antics in “Statler & Waldorf – From the Balcony,” the exclusive bi-weekly online program on Movies.com. In each episode of the webshow (which has had 7 episodes to date), the grumpy duo entertains movie fans with witty commentary and provides their hilarious take on upcoming film and DVD releases. Each episode also features a special guest star, including the Swedish Chef, Rowlf the Dog, Johnny Fiama, and Pepe the King Prawn.


Anonymous said...

I have looked forward to watching the 'From the Balcony' bits, but I'm growing dissappointed in them. Does anyone else miss when W&S weren't really dirty, old men? It seems that when they would have cut each other short in the past (with a fist to the face or "You dirty old man" comments), now they encourage each other to continue. And the same really goes for the prawn...

I guess what I am trying to say is that it seems that the writers have given up on trying to come up with something truly witty and are running with straight crud.

While W&S used to seem like grumpy old curmudgeons, they also were somewhat loveable. Now I would steer my daughter clear of them, because they seem a bit TOO "lovey".

Anonymous said...

Your bit too lovey when you keep puting negitive things of the Muppet ( Hits him in chin). I like the bits they're getting better with more witter jokes and better than the pilot.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so negitive on this blog.