Monday, October 17, 2005

"Jim Henson's Animal Jam" Gets More DVDs

HIT Entertainment has released two DVDs of Jim Henson's Animal Jam in May ("Springin'" and "Hug-A-Day"), and now they are planning to release two more. "Jim Henson's Animal Jam: Let's Jam Together" and "Jim Henson's Animal Jam: Shake a Leg" are both planned for DVD release on January 3, 2006. Animal Jam is "a wild, music-driven, live-action dance show for preschoolers. Animal Jam uses real-life kids and puppet characters to teach movement and physical skills." Information on the exact episodes on the upcoming DVDs is not avalible at this time, but I'm told that these discs will follow the form of the past releases (two episodes of the show per disc; and no bonus features). The run time for each DVD is listed at approximately 50 minutes. The DVDs are already up for pre-order on many online stores, with a retail price of $9.99 (or less). So if you are an Animal Jam fan, consider picking up these two DVDs on January 3rd.

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