Monday, September 12, 2005

"I'm the Great Gonzo, and You're Watching Disney Channel"

The Disney Channel runs a series of channel identification promos featuring Disney stars proclaiming "I'm so-and-so, and you're watching Disney Channel". Then they wave a green wand, drawing the Disney Channel logo (the tilted Mickey Mouse Head). The 10-second promos run regularly throughout the day, maybe you’ve seen them. One of the newest additions in the promo series is of Gonzo. The famous Muppet weirdo says, "Hi! I'm the Great Gonzo and You're Watching Disney Channel". He then draws the logo with the wand. But soon the wand goes out of control and flies away (with Gonzo holding on) causing him to fly back and forth across the screen, finally crashing into the camera. The promo is played regularly and lasts about 10-seconds, predicting exactly when it will play next is impossible so keep your eye on Disney Channel for our favorite little whatever. It is unknown if any other Muppet promos were recorded, if any surface I’ll let you know.

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