Friday, August 12, 2005

Fraggle Rock Vol. 5

Since April 2004, when HIT Entertainment received the rights to many programs in the Jim Henson Family Showcase, they have been releasing a steady flow of single-disc DVDs of Fraggle Rock. HIT has released three single-disc DVDs of Fraggle Rock, and the fourth (Doing Things That Doozers Do) is planned for release on September 9th. Also planned for release on September 9th is "Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season". With HIT creating a more complete collector's product many fans wondered if the smaller releases would be pushed to the side. This is not the case. HIT has already announced their fifth single disc release, "Down In Fraggle Rock", which is due for release in January 2006.

If it follows the form of the first four releases, fans should be able to expect 3 select episodes of Fraggle Rock, a bonus animated episode, an excerpt from "Down at Fraggle Rock" documentary, Fraggle-oke, an un-lockable bonus episode, and much more!

HIT is currently stating that a "Fraggle Rock - Complete Second Season" box set is something that they are "considering"; and that there is "no information on a season 2 box set at this time". So be sure to pick up the season one box set (the better the sales the better the chance of another set) and, if you have the time, consider dropping them a line too (thanking them for season 1 and stating a desire for season 2-5).

Fraggle Rock Single-Disc DVD Releases

- Fraggle Rock: Where it All Began (Volume 1) - July 2004 (Special Edition - October 2004)
- Fraggle Rock: Dance your Cares Away (Volume 2) - January 2005
- Fraggle Rock: Live by the Rule of the Rock (Volume 3) - April 2005
- Fraggle Rock: Doing Things That Doozers Do (Volume 4) - September 2005
Fraggle Rock: Down In Fraggle Rock (Volume 5) - January 2006

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