Monday, May 23, 2005


On Friday I shared the news of the tentive features for the upcoming "The Muppet Show - Season One Special Edition" DVD box set. The set is due out in just a few months and the fans can't wait. Recently I began getting a flood of e-mails and comments on the news. People just want to know everything about the set.

In order to help stop the thousands of e-mails filling my inbox, and to help you get the clearest answers all of your questions I have created a "Muppet Show DVD Season Box Set FAQ" page. This will provide you with the current answers to all the frequently asked questions surounding the sets. Check it out (you're bound to learn something new about the sets). I'm still looking into uncovering more details and facts; I'll keep you posted as more things surface.

A special thanks to Michael Dixon (the webmaster of who helped clear up a lot of confusion on the sets; and also a lot of thanks to Ilysha Adelstein (Muppet press contact), the fine folks at Disney-DVD consumer relations, and the many other Disney/Muppet employees that helped uncover a lot of this information.


Admin said...

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Anonymous said...

I just ran across a web site
That is selling all 5 seasons of the Muppet Show on DVD. Is this for real (I am confused since I cannot find this on any other websites and I know Disney has just released Season 1 (and the others are in the works). What can you tell me about this site and the Muppet show DVDs they are offering?