Monday, May 30, 2005

Fraggle Rock Season 1 on Amazon

HIT Entertainment hasn't officially announced the details of the "Fraggle Rock - Season 1" DVD box set yet, but has the item up for preorder. They list the item as a 4-disc set and carries a very reasonable suggested retail price of $44.99 -- but like many items, Amazon has it discounted (you can lock in your copy for $31.49 to be exact). They also list the release date as September 6, 2005.

I've contacted HIT about this several times, and HIT has yet to comment on the exact release date and details (all they are saying is "September 2005" and "the full details should be available by mid-June"). Amazon is usually a reliable source, but until HIT officially states the information I would not consider any of this definitive yet (but it is a good idea of news to come). I'll keep you all posted as more information on this release becomes available.

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