Thursday, May 05, 2005

Book 'em Jim!

A timeless collection of wisdom on life, friendship, individuality, creativity, collaboration, and more will be hitting the bookshelves this fall from the works of Jim Henson (and his friends). Hyperion Books is planning on releasing a new book in September titled It's not easy Being Green - And Other Things to Consider written and compiled from the works and friends of the late Jim Henson by Jim's daughter, Cheryl Henson.

This uplifting collection of quotes, stories, anecdotes, songs, and insights gives new life to Jim’s magical world. With chapters titled Dynamite Determination; Listen to Your Heart; Together We Can Do It; It Starts When We’re Kids; and A Part of Everything and Everyone, It’s Not Easy Being Green will be entertaining, inspiring, touching, and laugh-out-loud funny. Readers young and old will cherish this collection.

Culled from The Jim Henson Company archives, program transcripts, personal letters, and interviews, along with some of Jim’s never-before-published writings, It’s Not Easy Being Green is a testament to the legacy of a man who changed the way we see the world. The book will be releases on September 14, 2005 in hardback print, and also on audio CD. More information on this delightful collection to follow as more details emmerge.

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