Sunday, March 20, 2005

Muppet Show Season Sets - Fact or Fiction?

As many of you may know, DVD season box sets of "The Muppet Show" were announced by Craig Shemin at the "Muppets, Music and Magic: Jim Henson's Legacy" event in New York last November. Interviews with many other Henson performers, employees and fans were filmed for bonus material at the event as well.

It was said at the event that the season box sets would begin arriving in the summer of 2005. Many thought that the estimate seemed a little optimistic, and people began to doubt the claims. Now, over four-months later, nothing more has been announced, reported, or found out about these alleged DVDs. The Disney customer service is unable to answer questions on such products due to lack of information. And many fans have begun to question the reports. So I decided to do some hunting to see if these reports were rumors or facts, and also try to get some more information on what to expect and when.

I was able to get in contact with several "insiders" working on the DVD project. And I asked them all a bunch of questions. I have collected all the information on the DVDs that is available. Sadly the project details are very "hush-hush" right now, because all the facts are still very loose and everything is still being worked on. Disney does not want to misrepresent anything, so until they have all the facts they don't want to say anything that could end up changing. But I've done researching, I got answers, and now I'm sharing everything known with you (and there is a whole lot of new information). For all the full details we'll need to wait for an official announcement (which I'm told should be out in the coming months), but until then this article that I wrote should tide you over.

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